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February 1, 2011


I’m a twenty-something grrl from Ontario, Canada. I’ve been gluten-free for about 5 years and lactose free (with the help of digestive aids the odd time) for longer than that. I’ve always loved baking and there are home videos to prove it; flour added by hand to cheeks for a little added touch. However even before I started my own home-video cooking show I’ve had stomach problems.  Starting out as a colicky baby my mother can attest to the feeding problems. She jokes that I still suffer from colic. I just always hated eating which isn’t unusual for children who are picky eaters. But it was more than that, always complaining of stomach aches and being a somewhat sickly child my parents just figured I had a sensitive stomach.

After suffering for many years my mother brought me to a homeopathic doctor. After looking back into my history and after a bunch of digestive enzymes and parasite cleansers we decided to do an elimination diet. First to go was gluten. It was hard and at times I would just opt for white bread instead of whole wheat bread thinking that there was less “wheat” in that. But only until I went strictly gluten-free for 2 weeks did I start to notice a difference. It was pretty bad timing though, right at the Christmas holidays. But with the help of a local health food store I was able to do it. In fact I didn’t go back to gluten after that. I didn’t want to do the intestinal biopsy because I didn’t want to go back to eating gluten and feeling awful for a test I knew would come back as gluten intolerant or celiac.  So even though I haven’t been diagnosed I did what was best for me.

So that’s the back story. You can read more on the About page if you so wish. What I plan on doing here is sharing recipes, baking mishaps, food photography, reviews, blogging, and articles.  But we’ll see what happens! I encourage feed back; leave comments or send me an email with any questions, comments or facts. It seems I learn something new about gluten allergies everyday so I think we’re all searching for answers.